Global Sound Movement, bringing sounds from around the world to Preston

The Global Sound Movement is a University of Central Lancashire based research project, dedicated to collecting rare and exotic sounds from around the world, enabling artists and music producers to access digital libraries full of unique sonic content, whilst also endeavouring to help those in the communities that the audio is sampled from.

The GSM working process involves travelling to an area of the world that is in need of socioeconomic aid, engaging with community members and local musicians, and working with them to develop content that represents the identity of the people themselves, and the countries they call home. The GSM brings a new form of maker content to the Makerspace, allowing members of the public to engage with the instruments and materials that have been collected around the world. Members of the GSM team will be available to speak about what they do, and the content they have made. They will demo equipment that allows participants to have a creative and hands on experience, to learn about sampling audio, and to make their own music.

The team believe in encouraging creativity in any individual, and endeavouring to increase awareness about the incredible musicians and the beautiful music that they make. To do this, the GSM make their content accessible to anyone, not just professionals and music producers, and the Makerspace is a great opportunity for them to showcase and allow people to engage with their work, and help them make something unique.