littleBits learning through making and play

Find out what you can create from everyday junk, when you mix it up with littleBits. littleBits is an innovative new technology that features fun and easy to use electronic building blocks to build your own exciting electronic creations. You will never believe what an old cereal box or an empty washing up liquid bottle can become, when you combine it with a ‘little’ creativity.

It has been proven that play boosts our creative thinking, whether you are 6 or 60. What better time to empower the next generation of Scientists, Technologist Engineers, Artists, or Mathematicians. Through a novel technology called littleBits, we teach STEAM based subjects through making and engaging people in playful practices.

littleBits are colour coded, magnetic and reusable electronic building blocks that are easy-to-use, empowering everyone to create large and small inventions. With our bespoke workshops, we use real-world examples of how technology works, to encourage participants to learn the basis principles of electronics and coding through experimentation and investigation. Our workshops benefit from years of real world experience in designing and developing technology solutions. Based on four simple principles participants will; CREATE, PLAY, EXPLORE and SHARE working independently or in group to prototype technological solutions.

With a “little bit”, you can do a lot.

“The skills they were able to apply, enhance and learn were incredible and have created a real buzz in schools”

“It is clear that UCLan and the Media Innovation Studio are committed to ensuring high quality teaching and learning within STEAM subjects and I am sure our future generations will reap the benefits of the hard work people such as yourselves are putting into our young people”.

“The pupils really enjoyed it – lots of them said it was their favourite bit of the day”